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Just Got Back From the Bern Rally
The Captain's Prop

Happily, this was not the only tee available. I did not purchase it. I only purchase shirts I will wear.

Sadly, this is the only pic of The Bern my crap phone would take, despite my superior seating position, directly in line of the speaker, and above the cameras:

Here you see a podium positioned on home plate. Bern has just completed an opening line about dreaming to be in this position, and now he is, but he doesn't have a bat.

It was fun. Caucus tomorrow morning.

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I like Bernie on policy, from all I've heard. The odds, I gather, are not in his favour right now though.

I don't know who to believe on that. if the superdelegates actually pay attention to the projections regarding chances of success against particular opponents, if Trump looks to be Republican nomination, then they would be crazy not to back Bernie, he's got a much greater chance of winning against Trump than Hillary.

I agree that Sanders is good for winning an election against Trump, because he is much harder to attack with Trump's main weapons than is Clinton. Whether he can get enough support, both among the superdelegates and in the legislature if he is elected, remains to be seen. Not even the president can go it alone.

I agree, and let me tell you how pissed off Hillary supporters are anytime anyone mentions that.

I feel sorry for her. She's been the target of "a vast, right-wing conspiracy" for decades now. That has tarnished her reputation in an almost unfixable manner.

Bernie? They ignored him, so he's untarnished.

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