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Today, the worst Chinese "restaurant" in Seattle finally reopened as a tavern.

A tavern with 60 beers on tap.

That's right, 60. Flat-screen tellies wrap the corner, each with a description of the beer available directly below the entry which includes IBU, %booze, price, etc.

A tavern giving away free growlers right now.

Oh, and you can get your beer to go in 32 oz. cans, canned on the spot.

And the best part?

It is literally 5 blocks from my house.

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Hey, thanks for your reply in the political cartoon community. I've been banned from it. So, that's that I suppose.


Don't leave me hanging! You need to reply to my reply, go ahead. IIRC, we were discussing genetic reversion to the mean and how it doesn't exist.

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