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I Affirm and Aver the Following is Poo

The Whole Poo and Nothing But the Poo

The Peristaltic Testator
A mariner, professional and not so very ancient. Have boat, will float.

A driver, but not so very driven.

A liker of science, a skeptic of belief, a make-upper of words.

An Oldish Gnome, lazy and easily distracted, fascinated by technology and words and shiny objects.

NOTE: If you click on the "More details" link below, you
will see an ad which LJ has placed there to enable folks to buy me "virtual gifts."
I point this out to emphasize that I am not soliciting gifts with my journal.
LJ management, however, won't let me -- or anyone with an LJ account -- opt out of the ad.
If such ads bother you as they bother me, I suggest you write to LJ about your feelings.